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Payoya Negra


‘This is our premier wine, and it is the embodiment of our revived native Andalusian grape varieties. It is a wine that is truly one of a kind, and has a very strong personality’


Magnum Payoya Negra


La Payoya Negra, which this red wine, aged at least 12 months, is named after, is a native Andalusian goat, as represented by the illustration on the label, whose milk is used to make the Payoya goat cheese in the Sierra de Cádiz mountains and the Serranía de Ronda mountain range.

What better animal to use for the name of an Andalusian wine that is so personal, so pure, so artistic.

Aged 12 months in large untoasted and medium toast Allier French oak barrels, the rest of the ageing is done in the bottle.

Authentic Burgundy, moss green colour 75 cl.


43,00 €

Cherry red colour with a tint of violet.
Red and black fruit of the forest flavours, spiced.
The mouthfeel is silky smooth with well-blended resolved tannins, and very sweet.
It is a wine with a strong personality, reflecting the land and native varieties from which it is made.

Tasting note