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The project

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To visit La Melonera winery is to experience long-forgotten traditions and explore authentic and native grape varieties. Nestled in the Serranía de Ronda mountain range, which was once the cradle of ancient civilisations, we here at La Melonera have sought to revive the native grape varieties that once grew here long ago, from which some of the most exquisite wines are produced.



The secret behind our wines

Forgotten grapes, such as La Melonera or Blasco, are once again beginning to see the light centuries after a painstaking labour of bringing these grapes back to life. Their vines are perfectly integrated into a unique ecosystem in the grasslands to produce wines with personality and character.

‘La Melonera satisfies all of the senses by focusing on tradition, flavour and respect for the product.’


Illustrator: Fernando Sánchez-Beato Ruiz

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La Melonera


Our wines

Payoya Negra


Bright cherry red colour.

Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, raspberries, freshly cut grass, fresh and with a final spicy touch.

On the palate it is creamy, fresh with well integrated ripe tannins and a long aftertaste.

A wine with the marked personality of its terroir and the varietals from which it has been made.

Tasting note

La Encina del Inglés


Cherry red colour.

Red and black fruit of the forest flavours, fresh with a tint of freshly cut grass.

The mouthfeel is fresh, meaty and full-bodied. It has well blended resolved tannins and balsamic aromas.

Long finish.

Tasting note

La Encina del Inglés


Straw yellow colour.

Peach and syrup aroma with a final touch of white flowers.

The palate is salty, provided by the doradilla, well-balanced and long with confectionary undertones.

Tasting note

Yo Solo


Cherry red colour with a tint of violet.

Red and black fruit of the forest flavours, spiced.

The mouthfeel is silky smooth with well-blended resolved tannins, and very sweet.

It is a wine with a strong personality, reflecting the land and native varieties from which it is made.

Tasting note

Come and enjoy an easy-going lifestyle, where you can savour your time and connect with nature.



30 wine estates, each one with its own vineyard. Each estate has a vineyard, which varies between 5 and 7 hectares, and has a unique personality, carefully positioned in the landscape of the grasslands.

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‘A good wine requires a mad man to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it and a lover to drink it.’

Salvador Dalí