In the late nineteenth century, the phylloxera plague hit the Ronda region particularly hard, killing off almost all the native grape varieties described in Rojas Clemente’s book. The Melonera bodega was created with the vocation of recovering these grape varieties, which had spent 3,000 years adapting perfectly to the terroir, and of creating an example of viticultural excellence which would add something new and interesting to the tedious panorama of "global wines". Paradoxically, innovation would come from the recovery of some of the oldest grape varieties in the world, those which had been the seeds of viticulture in the New World, including varieties such as Tintilla, Blasco, Rome and Melonera. With the recovery project underway, the estate's team of experts also had to ensure that these traditional grape varieties were included in current records because, in most cases, they had been considered extinct.
In order to achieve the highest standards, we have devised innovative methods of vine training and control to ensure that these vines, young in years, but old in history, are adequately ventilated and exposed to the sun so that, in a short space of time, they could enjoy conditions and a development which would have taken older vines years to achieve. In order to do this, we have implemented a double training system and a system of rings which contain and guide the plant, providing greater leaf surface area and resulting in the production of small, loose berries, able to ripen evenly and help preserve the characteristic primary aromas of each grape variety.

In 2008 the region of Ronda became the world’s wine capital for a few days. At the “WineCreators” event, La Melonera gathered together twenty of the world’s most eminent wine critics and winemakers to exchange ideas and share knowledge at an event dominated by the tasting of the finest wines. All ideas shared became part of the ethos in which the bodega carries out its work, and which it hopes to continue sharing with the great personalities of the wine world.

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