In the spring of 2003, the La Melonera team drew up a plan for a mammoth undertaking: to revive a 3,000 year old wine tradition, for the Spanish region of Ronda, and for the world in general.


Ana de Castro
Technical Director
Jorge Viladomiu Peitx
CEO, La Melonera


With a winemaking tradition dating back to Phoenician times, the Serrania de Ronda boasts unrivaled geographical and climatic conditions for the production and aging of wine.

·The Bodega·

The La Melonera project is founded on two fundamental principles: firstly the recovery of traditional grape varieties, and secondly the nurturing of winemaking excellence in accord with the characteristics of the land on which the estate lies.


The layout of our vineyards and the way in which these are cultivated result from a combination of a respect for organic growing principles and the variety of conditions - this gives us huge creative scope.

·The Wines·

El Payoya Negra, La Encina del Inglés and the MHV Collection present the unique personality of grape varieties which are unlike any others in existence and which are produced and aged in a stunning natural setting.
Payoya negra
La encina del inglés
La encina del inglés
Payoya negra
Located in the natural region of the Serranía de Ronda, a sub-zone of the Sierras de Málaga D.O., the Melonera estate is surrounded by ancient meadows.

It was there where a wine project of excellence first started to take shape in 2006. The project’s aim was to recover grape varieties on the brink of extinction and to create vineyards that harmonize with the loca landscape.

The “Payoya Negra”, which this wine is named after and which appears on its label, is a native Andalusian goat whose milk is used to make Payoya goat’s cheese in the Sierra de Cádiz and the Serranía de Ronda.
Tasting notes Intense ruby red hue. Complex and intense aromas of sweet spices, with balsamic notes and a slight toastiness. This wine is well balanced, fresh, enveloping and pleasant on the plate. Great personality.
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La encina del inglés
In the 19th century, Ronda was unmissable stop for English travellers on the Grand Tour.

This elegant young red that has been slightly aged is our homage to those travellers, who, along with their love and respect for Ronda’s landscape, made this beautiful Andalusian city universally popular.
Tasting notes Bright, intense violet hue. Powerful aromas of red and black fruit with discrete spicy notes of oak. The wine is fresh, meaty, enveloping, long and pleasant on the palate, with ripe tannins.
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La encina del inglés
In the 19th Century, Andalusia attracted many English romantics who, amazed by the character of this beautiful region, made it famous around the world through their accounts and sketches.

We want to pay tribute to them with this fresh and very fruity, dry white wine, made from the Moscatel Morisco, Doradilla and Pedro Ximénez, three native grape varieties that reflect the personality of this captivating land.
Tasting notes Very bright, pale yellow. Intense aromas of stone fruits, peaches, apricots, with discrete citrus and tropical notes. Fresh on the palate, enveloping with a hint of salt, this wine is pleasant, smooth and well-balanced.
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·MHV Collection·

The exclusive wines collection MHV (Mankind Heritage Vines), is a unique and limited collection of wines made from indigenous varieties, some of them practically extinguished since phylloxera in the XIX century, that are being recovered by "La Melonera".
Meet the team
Serie MHV
Serie MHV
67% Tintilla de Rota, 33% Rome.
History The exclusive MHV (Mankind Heritage Vines) collection is a very small collection of wines that​ ​embody everything learnt in the process of researching and recovering native grape varieties​ ​that had all but disappeared from Andalusia. A unique wine with a marked Andalusian​.
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·Visit la Melonera·

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La melonera

Paraje Los Frontones

Camino. Ronda- Setenil S/n

29400 Ronda
DECIMALS (Latitud​e​ , Longitud​e​)
36.797524261449695 , -5.1606667041778564
DM (​Degrees, Minut​e​s)
36° 47.851455686981694' N , 5° 9.640002250671387' W
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36° 47' 51.087341218901685" N , 5° 9' 38.400135040283224" W